About Our Bike

What Type of Bike that we have for our Bali Cycling Tour 

Before you decided to book your Bali Cycling Tour with us, we sure you would like to know what type of bike that we have for you, that a good question, because we sure you won’t disappointed because of our bike.


So now we would like to inform you that all our bike used is Polygon type of mountain bike start from xtrada 5.0 and other highly type of biking used for daily trip.

Why we choose these bikes:

-light frame/ aluminium frame

-Hydraulic brake

-xlm suspension

– 9 to 10 gear shift

Actually not many company used this type of mountain bike and only premium company used it like Sobek adventure and Mason adventure in Bali. There are a lot of local company of mountain biking in Ubud used lower type of bike and give you cheaper price but they are different in quality of biking. So, choose the right one and only the best bike trip in order to avoid disappointed that can spoil your holiday in Bali.