Sidemen Village Bali

An Amazing Village called “Sidemen”

Why Sidemen Village is one of the best Bali Cycling Trails That we have ? below is the description of the village.

Sidemen village has an area which constitutes one of the greatest sites in Bali which possesses a very strong spiritual aura. Exactly, in Sidemen village, we can enjoy witnessing a very green valley that is truly amazing. This truly magnificent village is situated in Karangasem regency which is Eastern part of Bali Tropical Island. A number of Balinese Hindu temples are also located in this village. Balinese Hindu is hold by most of the people who have been residing in the villages in Bali. The amazing natural beauty of this village is presented by its location. The area of the village is situated ia a magical valley which is surrounded by a number of hilly lands.

Furthermore, it can be described that the majority of the area is a rice paddy farms which are irrigated by the traditional Balinese water irrigation system for rice farming which is called “Subak”. Another thing that makes this village very unique is that the residence area of the local people house is uniquely separated with the area of rice paddy farmland. The houses of the local people are situated on the right side of the road, and the rice paddy fields area situated on the left side. In conclusion, Sidemen village has presented an area which is very well-known for its fascinating panorama, and also a simple, traditional way of life of the residents. This village is also very serene because of its amazing nature.

The serene village of Sidemen has delivered experts of Balinese writing and Hindu religious philosophy, and in addition ages of capable weavers. For quite a long time, or maybe thousand years, Sidemen have additionally filled in as a detached paradise for the world-exhausted.

There have been a number of inns and hotels in this village, so it is not hard for us to find out an accommodation to stay while exploring around this beautiful village. A lot of travelers, painters, and students from all over the world have made a tour to this village each year. For sure, you are going to discover your place of peace and serenity. If you wish to get the absolute tranquility, Sidemen village is truly the right choice.

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