Kintamani Village Bali

Kintamani Village is one of our Best Cycling Route that we have, in this page we try to describe how Beautiful is it for Cycling Tour – Kintamani Down Hill Cycling Tour

Kintamani is the name of an area on the high land of Bali which has beautiful panorama and super exotic surroundings. Different tourist attractions in Bangli in which its location is in Kintamani district is called “Penelokan”. The naturally amazing beauty of the largest lake in Bali called Danau Batur is located nearby Kintamani. There are at least two villages near the lake. The villages of Kintamani and Penelokan offer magical views of Mount Batur and its amazing lake. The lake of Batur is really fabulous. The size of Batur caldera which is seven miles in diameter and sixty feet deep is truly spectacular. The journey which starts from Penelokan village, will take the road of Kedisan on the shores of the lake where boats can be hired to cross over to an ancient village called Trunyan. Considering the magnificent views of the mountainous region around Kintamani with its deep Crater Lake and hot springs which are almost boiling, it can be concluded that this region is a must to visit if you go on a tour to Bali Tropical Island.

The lure of beautiful nature creates the impression of a peace. The overlay views of the valley truly make visitors amazed. As a matter of fact, Batur is the largest lake in Bali and Mount Batur constitutes one of the volcanoes in Bali which is still very active. The unique location of the lake and active of volcano in which the famous Batur volcano stands in the middle of the caldera make this area become one of the most favorite tourist destinations. Kintamani with its magnificent natural beauty is also one of the mostly demanded tourist destinations. To arrive at this area, you have to take the distance of more or less 2 hours trip by car from Denpasar or Karangasem or Lovina. Lined along Penelokan village, you can see restaurants that present the advantages of natural beauty of the valley and mountains, which have proved themselves to be very attractive, while relaxing to have lunch, visitors are pampered to enjoy amazing natural panorama. Kintamani is extremely incredible for day trips, trekking or essentially to get away for a few days.

In the past time, this region was the location of the earliest known kingdom in Bali, dating from the tenth century. The nights get cool up here, however it’s well worth the stay overnight to climb the active volcano and enjoy watching the sunrise from the top. A lot of inexpensive bungalows are accessible here.

If you make a visit to Kintamani, you will have the chance to enjoy an extremely memorable experience in which Kintamani area owns truly wonderful panorama which is situated in a plateau and furthermore encircled by mountain air with the windblast from Mount active volcano.
From Penelokan town for instance, you can see cover of Batur Lake far underneath and furthermore nearby occupant houses next to Batur Lake. Adjacent to that, Mount Batur which is still be dynamic as of not long ago, developing its excellence for Kintamani Area. As it is situated amidst mountains and good countries of Bali Island, the air temperature of Kintamani, Bangli is truly cool, even it is exceptionally frosty around evening time in Kintamani locale. The place that is known for Kintamani is moderately prolific in which lemon trees, espresso and chocolate can grow exceptionally well. Along these lines, it isn’t amazing that orange creation is the most elevated in Kintamani. This zone in the off-season is normally stormy season, will be joined by the decrease in haze. Kintamani is situated in Bangli regency. Bangli is a regency which is situated amidst Bali island, one of the areas that don’t have a coastline, situated at an elevation of 400 meters above ocean level, causing the territory is extremely cool, plants can develop and thrive.

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