Bedugul Bali – Best Cycling Route

Let Visit  Bedugul Village Bali

Bedugul is one of best Bali Cycling Route,  that has magnificent natural sceneries. Bedugul is likewise one of the well-known places in Bali. Many foreign and domestic travelers have already visited this place.
Bedugul is situated on the pinnacle of mountain. It is situated in the middle north area of Bali Tropical Island which it is close to Lake Bratan in transit amongst Denpasar city in the south and Singaraja city in the north.

There is a strawberry garden near the lake in Bedugul. In the strawberry garden, we can pick strawberry fruits by ourselves. We can also process the fresh fruits by ourselves. For example, we are able to make some beverages and meals from strawberry fruits such as juices, candies, etc. In Bedugul area, we are able to have a good chance to enjoy the beautiful and green views.

In Bedugul area, there are a number of public facilities such as traditional markets, modern mini marts, rest rooms or toilets, mosques, restaurants, and a Balinese Temple. The Balinese Temple is called “Pura Ulun Danu Bratan”. This well-known Balinese Hindu temple has been a land mark of Bedugul area. Another major site in Bedugul area is the so-called Eka Karya Botanical Garden. Local people usually call this place as “Kebun Raya Bedugul”. In fact, This Eka Karya Botanical Garden is the largest botanical garden in Indonesia so far.

What we can enjoy in Lake Bratan is that we are able to have the chance of relishing the amazing views of the lake and relax with the green environment there. It is also an option for us to go around the lake by renting a boat with some friends or each of us can do it alone. There is also another interesting activity that can be done in Bedugul namely fishing and traveling around the lake.

If you would like to know more detail about our Cycling Tour from Bedugul just click Bedugul Cycling Tour Bali

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